About Us

  • About Alochhaya Lamps

    Independent artist Nantu Roy directed his career after passing out from DinaBandhu Mahavidyalaya towards Art & Sculpture, when he found ultimate pleasure having brush and canvas with him and admitted to The Indian Art College & Draftmanship, DumDum (Motijheel), Kolkata. Which recognized him as Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Arts from Rabindra Varati University (Kolkata) in 2000. Sooner he started experimenting the famous terracota clay modeling and introduced some new design concepts that attracted the commercial market place. This was the time he started Art oriented venture. As the market demanded more new concepts he started exploring so many new and new crafts that moved him to the professional art craft manufacturing. The modern ALOCHHAYA SHADE LAMPS are based on that terracotta vase which was a hot cake once.

  • Materials & Subject

    The starting was with the clay and at this modern concept many different kind of materials are used within the range like firing clay, wood, iron, PVC sheet and pipes, cloth etc. As the artist’s mind keeps exploring new thoughts and concepts which are abstract to real. But the most use full subjects that market asks for are modern art, egyptian art, folk art etc.

  • Team & Workshop

    Alochhaya Lamps are not a craft made by one single person anymore, because it is being manufactured in very large scale according to maintain the market demand. The are 45 men and women work together in 2 different locations in these days. One section is for clay modeling and furnace work worth 24 person, another for painting, packaging and decoration work worth 15 and plus a team of 6 for other related jobs are working at Bongaon the birth place of the said artist NANTU ROY (DOB – 25/03/1977).